The Comeback of The King

Salam and Hye readers.
Tropical Fruity season is coming !!!!!

I’ve seen many tropical fruits like mangosteen, rambutan, jackfruit and cempedak. Mangosteen is the queen of the fruit. Rambutan is one of my favourite fruits. I prefer red rambutan than yellow rambutan. The taste is similar, but the texture of the fleshy-aril is different.

I dedicated this post to the KING OF THE MALAYSIAN FRUIT, DURIAN!!!!

So, the general information about Durian, people said that the word Durian comes from the Malaysian word “duri” which means thorn. Well, as you can see, the morphological structure of ddurian- full of spiky thorns. Durian and Kuini are the most intense fruit.

The taste?
Well, since I’m a fan of this fruit, of course, the taste is irresistible, mildly sweet, creamy and yummy. The taste and texture depend on the varieties, and Durian has many varieties such as Musang King, Mon Thong, Kop Kecil, Udang Merah, Chanee, Black Thorn and others.

If you’re not familiar with the varieties, please visit Malaysia or others Southeast Asia countries like Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia. Try to taste it. Believe me, it tastes better than the smells. BUT, please, DON’T bring back durian to your hotel. The smell is obviously verrry strong, released by ethionine-a rare amino acid. The whole hotel will stink of durian!. Hahaha. I have experienced on it. We bought 2 small containers of durian at Pasar malam and ate all of it in the hotel during our vacation on Lg island. That was the first time, and would be the last time.

For your information, I’m a fan of this smelly fruit. I think during this fruity season, Malaysian can be subdivided into 3 groups. The first group is the biggest fan of durian. They know all the durian varieties and can differentiate them according to the thorn and taste and colour and all the physical structures. The second group, or the medium class, belongs to the people who eat durian just because they want to eat and taste the durian. Just because the price of Durian becomes cheaper day by day, they buy and enjoy eating it. I belong to this group. The last group is people who hate durian. I respect their stand because we have different body systems. My stomach and nose can tolerate durian. I don’t know why some people describe durian as smelly rotten onion.

At Pasar Payang, Kuala Terengganu

The season is from June to August. If you want to buy Durian at the lowest price, wait until it becomes the peak season. Now (6th August), overall, the price durian in Kuala Terengganu is RM10 for 3 kilograms – Durian Kampung. You can buy at a bargain price. Other tropical fruits like rambutan and mangosteen, farmers need to pluck from the tree. However, Durian is different. Just wait for durian to fall to the ground. When ‘durian runtuh‘, it means the fruit is ready to be eaten.

My family has kept the pulp and put it in the freezer for our future stock. The pulp can be used for filling. There are many desserts like tempoyak, ice blended/cendol with durian, serawa, Pulut durian and durian puff.
And the latest one, some bakers turn it into cakes and pudding.

Pulut Durian, Terengganu style with “gula nisan + santan”
This is how I modernized durian

I’ve shared the recipe to prepare Durian crepe. Click this page-Durian crepe. Delicious, creamy and easy to cook ! My mother did traditional kuih ketayap/kuih gulung yesterday. I call it premium ketayap because the filling is grated coconut mixed durian pulp. Not easy to find it. It is Fresh & green+yellow!

Durian crepe
Ketayap/Kuih gulung- Premium & limited edition from my mother

Durian can cause internal heat. So, don’t eat too much. Eat fruits in moderation to avoid adverse health effects.

I know you’re not asking for this. But I just want to tell that the upcoming fruity season is Langsat and Duku. So, get ready for this. While waiting for them, appreciate the return of Durian, Mangosteen, and Rambutan. Enjoy as much as you can. Because you can only see them once a year 🙂

-Nazifah’saimi (8/2021)

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