You’re The Chosen One !!!

Do you have any special friends whom you’re very close to ? Yup, Sure, everyone has his or her own unique friend.

Friend certainly means a lot to me. Without them and my parents, my life would be in solitary and filled with boredom. I think that everyone has a friend during each phase of lifespan. But the only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.

Obsession with coffee and “Tea Peng “ she was all about, like drinking it all time, before sleeping and also before taking bath. ” Anis Natasha” is an amiable girl, the type of person who get along very well with others and the best part of her is her personality. She is in the same grade as me. Whenever I had problems, she was my leaning shoulder, a good listener and the best counsellor. Two of us shared the same interest ; we loved to read books and magazines.” Miracles happen everyday “ we would always say. I still remembered when she came knocking on my door on a totally random day. I’m shocked! How come she know my house?? And now it had been a year since she left me. After leaving senior high school, we got different university. She pursued her studies in culinary at UITM Dungun, Terengganu while I got different university. The last time I saw her was on Mei 2017.We barely even spent time together since that day. How it felt bizarre to think how time flies and yet. I still feel so close to her. Not only her, but also my classmates.

Walking down my memory lane, I can clearly reminisce the times with my friends.

My school is verrryyy near South China Sea !

A picture paints a thousand words. A quick glance at the form 5 group picture would always inevitably light up a vibrant smile on my face. I can recall the moments with my friends and I swarmed into the staff room like bees, desperate to know our examination marks. Hand in hand , we would attack our teacher and urge them to mark quickly just for the sake of knowing our marks as soon as possible. Yup, I knew, the teachers would get annoyed and stare all of us in fury. It was indeed nostalgic. Together with them, we faced PBS,PT3 and the most important exam, SPM .

Then, we grew up so fast ,until the next thing I know , we have transformed into a gorgeous young lady. 🙂 But still, I don’t have time or ‘rezqi’ to meet them. Maybe not today, but one day. Maybe I will meet them when I want to send my wedding invitation card.. Or we’ll meet during my funeral ? I hoped We won’t forget each other in our du’a ,right ?


Guess what ? This quote , my roommate gave me. It’s just a pleasure to have a friend who kindly gives you a motivational quote. Put it on the wall.

Honestly, I appreciate anything my friends gave me ,even a dried leaf. EID card, birthday card, all the presents. YES! I still kept it .

I sketched this picture, representing my classmates form 2 …Hahahah,so scary

One day, all of us will get separated from each other. We will miss conversations about everything and nothing and the dreams we had. Days, months and years will pass until this contact becomes rare. One day our children will see our pictures and ask “ who are these people?’’ And we will smile with invisible tears because a heart is touched with a strong word and you will say : “ It was them that I had the best days of my life with.”

To my friends : I hope you’re always happy . If I have hurt anyone , please forgive me. To anyone who has hurt me, I have forgiven you for the sake of my Lord.. Sometimes we only get a temporary visit in people’s lives. But I’m so grateful that I was blessed just being in your life for that little time.

Yeah maybe some moments weren’t so perfect maybe some memories not so sweet but we have to know some bad times or our lives are incomplete.

Dear Girlfriends ,
Anis – Naq – Liyana – Diyana – Syazwani – Fatin – Khatiha – Sofea – Amira – Syahirah – Syakirah – Ramizah –Syuaibah – Intan – Maziatul – Qistina – Alin – Iman – Emy – Azira – Ain – syafrin – Izzah –Yasarah – Maisarah – Syahida – Alya – Zahirah- Nurin – Yusra – Aida – Izzati – Husna –Amy – Najwa –Puteri – Nadiah – Najihah – Fyqa – Salimah – Shadia – Syafiqah – Yasmin – Tamimi – Shepy – Afiqah – Afifah – Qilah – Nik – Hani – Nabihah – Adila – Iffah – Aisyah -Umairah – Farah – Aini – Rabiatul – Izzah – Nadia – Farhana

May we be friends forever and after. Also neighbours in Jannah.Aaameen

I wonder if you ever prayed for me for the same reasons I have prayed for you.

I’m sorry if I ever contributed to the suffering of your heart. Just because I’m not talking , doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood. Sometimes I just like being quiet. Speak only when I feel that my words are better than my silence.

Thank you FRIENDS !!! Million people in this world, YOU’RE THE CHOSEN ONE !!!



Do you have green fingers? Yes, I have.

I’m not so sure exactly how many plants I have. Truly, I don’t have any specific favourite plants. I love and like all of them. For me , each has its own specialty and its unique characteristics, whether to be used in cooking or just adorning the garden.

As I lived in Malaysia, the country which does not experience the 4 seasons.So that, not all types of flowers and vegetables can grow here except for some places with low temperature like Cameron and Kundasang, Sabah.

As we know, gardening has a lot of benefits. We can reduce the exposure of pesticides. Everything we eat comes directly or indirectly from plants. In terms of health, we are potentially eating vegetables with a higher nutrient content.

The bougainvillea

bunga k pink

My bougainvillea blooms everyday for the entire year. It has grown quite massively.Right for now, it became the core of attraction in my house compound. All I know they are quite easy to grow for as long as they are well watered.


I’ve planted my okra directly on the ground. I took the seeds from the house rental 3 years ago at Seberang Perai then brought it home. I would say that okra one of the few plants which never give any problem to .

During Eid Festival 2014. I put some candles.

I used to have one really big cactus near car porch. My uncle (Ayah Ngoh) gave it. If I’m not mistaken, he gave me when I was year 3, in 2008 about 10 years ago. It grows taller day by day. Unexpectedly, in 2014, my mother dug it out giving lame excuse ‘the cactus blocked the road’ as my house near the main road of my village.That’s ok, very soon my big cactus will be taller again. Go !!!

The first flower started to bloom

These cutest cacti, I purchased them in the Cameron highlands. Six of them about RM12. Easy to handle. As they are succulent,so don’t over water it and don’t forget to place it under the shade. Just requires a bit more planning to keep them shaded and some serious babysitting when it’s really hot day.


Poor you little cactus. My kitten bit you 😦

Weeks later, I put it on a small flowerpot, but my cat bites a bit of cactus.


Despite that, today they grew happily,but it didn’t bloom for several weeks

The Yellow Alamanda
It is me who wear the pink scarf 🙂

I named this flower as Alamanda or bunga loceng. I have many of this plant around the household. Some are planted in pots while others on the ground.

kangkong 1

This is water spinach or kangkung in Malay. Just put on the ground and see them grow. My family like to cook “kangkung goreng “, so we planted them. Skipping watering a couple days can easily kill some of them.


Known as Dragon fruit .The plant is like cactus with thorn. I planted my red Naga, around the fence, therefore the growth was a bit slow at first. The plant took about a year for the first flower to appear . But it didn’t bloom for several years. After 10 years, a miracle happens, on 2 Ramadhan (16 June 2018 ), it bloomed again !!!

Mustard green

Well said, gardening or planting flower and seeing them grew is like one of my another pills of happiness. Seeing them blooms everyday make me happy because the flowers add colour to my environment and it seems more attractive.I do believe that planting flowers have a positive impact and sometimes plants also impact our emotions .

Always do your best. What you plant today, you will harvest later 🙂



Beautiful LIFE.

Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it become a memory. so enjoy every moment . But sometimes you will miss the memories not the person. 🙂

…….because every picture tells a story……..

LANGKAWI 2012 (49)
A perfect shot at Pantai Cenang, Langkawi,Kedah
parachute ,Pantai Cenang,Langkawi
LANGKAWI 2012 (84)
My youngest brother… 🙂

LANGKAWI 2012 (86)
Also a perfect shot !!!
Telaga Harbour Langkawi Park
It’s okay not to be okay 🙂
evening view
Batu Burok Beach , Kuala Terengganu
it’s me and my youngest brother.
pondok kayu , Pantai Batu Burok,Kuala Terengganu
thinking about my future life
cruise, Penang
Pemandangan Indah,Langkawi
Cinderella stairs , UIA Petaling Jaya
Penang Art Street
Need to close my Face 🙂 Pusat Sains Negara, Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Besar , Kuala Terengganu
Kuala Terengganu

Life is Beautiful, Appreciate it !!!, See you next Post. !!! : )


— NazifahSaimi –

Vacation Trip

So I would like to share my vacation trip .

  First,I’m not a traveler. As a Muslim, deep in my heart, I want to go to the city that never sleeps,Makkah first before traveling to another country. But again,poor me,only my Mak and Ayoh were given a chance to perform pilgrimage. I spend my time just for studying.-LOL 😦 But its okay, wait till I have my own money. And at that time, my excursion around the globe begins. 🙂

Ok. Usually my parents always bring us to Langkawi Island. I don’t know why we never felt bored spend our holidays there. Even every year we go there,but still we visited the same place like Pantai Cenang, cable car and so on. That’s why our people said ” sekali pergi, pasti datang lagi ”

To be candid, I had two days set aside for Cameron Highlands. We went there during my mid sem break.

Beside langkawi, Cameron Highlands is another tourist destination. We have been there 6 years ago. And in March 2018, we were there again and everything had changed .It’s such a long journey that you had to pass through Felda Aring, Gua Musang ,and so on till you arrived Brinchang. As my car started hiking the hills and valleys I miss that moment when you are just lying in the car, opening a car window and then your nose will capture a fresh aroma of TEA plantations.- whats the heaven. I’m pretty sure even it was a long journey from Kuala Terengganu,but you will never regret it as you’ll be mesmerized by a picturesque of Cameron Highlands.

The most beautiful tea gardens I’ve ever seen

This is what people come for. The drive from the Tanah Rata to BOH Tea Plantations was really frightful and dreadful . It is just a small road that you had to share with 2 cars. Each we turned one corner and then my sibling and I “WOOAHHHHHHH” yelled .Then the heaven opened up and presented us with those sea of tea gardens covered hillsides. OK..Let picture tells a story..

The breathtaking..

The smell,,,,,,
Transformers at Bee farm
The weather was about 18 C and dropped during night , So don’t forget to bring your sweater.
There’re many collections of cacti that looks like a flower
Also the Strawberry.

April to June is the best time to visit Strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands.

A trip to Cameron is to take break from the hustle bustle of the city life. Unfortunately, The traffic situation in Cameron Highlands is a serious problem. Also jam !!!

Have you visited Cameron Highlands in Malaysia ? Share your tips and experiences .



A Letter To My Future Self

Good evening

Assalamualaikum Reader, Viewer, Visitor

How happy are you right now ? Have you checked my earliest post ?

Alright, today, is about A Letter for Future Self… What’s that ???

I eagerly desire to recognize what kind of person I’ll be,what my future will look like, where I’ll be living, what my financial situation will be,who is my future husband..Oppps and so on !! Yeah something about the future. Owing to these reasons, I resolved to write a letter to my future self .

So , back in 2016, on March . Before I facing my crucial examination which was SPM ( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ), I wrote two letters to myself. The first missive was to my future self one year from 2016 and then the second one was to my future self 3 years after ,in 2019.

You know …Everyone has a chapter they don’t want read out loud. For the reason that, I can’t share the content of the letter .Because it’s secret and hidden. When I Wrote It, Only God, Allah and I Knew the Meaning.

Dear Future me, by the time you read this, one year has passed,. Only Nazifah can read this letter.Put this letter back if you’re not Nazifah !!

A year later on March 2017, It was the time I had to open my first letter. Merely, I turned away to open it due to the letter from “Old me” stated that “ Please open on the day you got the SPM result”. I thought SPM result would be announced in early March. Nevertheless, the government changed the date.

“The Education Ministry, in a statement today, said the results for the 2017 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination will be released on March 15.- New Straits times” DAMN !! 2 weeks more.

2 weeks later,on 15 March 2017, It was the day I got the result SPM. As my mother is a teacher at the same school ,so I got the result earlier. Alhamdulillah, All praise is to Allah,God. Everything goes right . Till now, I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.

Then , with a grin on my face, I unfolded the first letter given by “old me “ YEAHHHH !! It was interesting seeing what I was like in the past and how much I was altered. In terms of goals, I had reached several goals. But there were some goals I had not achieved yet. There were goals that I didn’t accomplish as I abandoned them halfway. It was all about D-I-E-T. All in all, Alhamdullilah

So guys, grab your pen and paper now and start writing your letter to your future self. Seriously, It was interesting to read because it was you who wrote that letter . Identify and choose a time period to be opened..Keep it in the secret and hidden place. When it’s the time for you to open it up, I’m sure your future self will thank you .

Some of the questions you can ask yourself “ Will I ever see a comma in my bank account” –HAHAHAHA !!

If you’re able to read your letter on that particular time, don’t forget to praise your God because you’re still alive, you’re breathing. It’s such a wonderful blessing . Being alive is such a luxury that many don’t get experience for long. Then if you have nothing to be grateful for, check your pulse NOW !!!

The first

Assalamualaikum readers !!! . Today is 12th Syawal and proud to say I’m still in Raya mood.

“Marilahh bergembira bersama menikmati hari raya….” While listening this Raya song,chewing Almond London, my mind is always open to new ideas. My brain is busy thinking what to do as my semester break is quite long.And surprisingly, I am just staying at home without applying a part time job. BLOGGING !!!!! This new idea suddenly ‘ popping ’ in my brain.

So, yeaaaah. Right- I’ll start by saying that I’m very unfamiliar with the concept of blogging or sharing your moment,your journey with people out there. By the same token, I didn’t share my pictures on Instagram or any social media. I don’t like bragging, but I have to say I love to share my thoughts my skills to the world. But please..Don’t have high expectations..Also, I wanted to start this blog before several years ago, but some difficulties came across me. I’m not a native speaker and my writing skill is too bad. So if you found any mistakes or typo,do tell me 🙂

Awkward feelings aside , that this might be quite a nice way for me to introduce myself to you all. As a visitor of my site, you probably need to know who runs this site.

I’m Nur Nazifah Saimi , originally from Terengganu,Malaysia. I’m 18 years old and InshaAllah this coming November, I’ll turn 19 which too old for me. How lucky I’m to be born Muslim. But, for me, I do believe if you’re Christian,Hinduism,Muslim how different you are, all religions teach peace and harmony. Be a good and kind person. Don’t worry, I respect all religions. 😇😊

I’m a student of international Islamic University Malaysia, IIUM or UIA. I’ve finished my foundation of BioScience a month ago. Currently, I’m going to pursue my studies in Degree of Bioplant. My first year of degree will be starting in this coming August. Gulp – So nervous. Being a Biological Sciences student really hurts me a lot. When it comes to memorize part, I felt my head was going to explode and every neuron in my brain were busy working like Jimmy Neutron. Anyway, Bioplant, as I’m sure many of you know, is a completely different as we will learn and study about plants,the God’s creature with we scarcely paying attention for. As I’m a nature lover and I have green fingers, so it’s like I’m having fun taking this course- I guess. Some of my friend chose medicine for the degree. Yeah , a doctor to be. Then, what about me ? A scientist or just a researcher. Huh . But I always remind myself don’t compare my life to others . There’s no comparison between the sun and moon because they shine when it’s their time.

my first’s a rat
this is a Biology report which took about 14 weeks of research. about 150 pages.
my class

I think that’s about enough from me this time. I’m hungry and thirsty –checking the refrigerator soon. Thank you for taking a peek at my very first post. Have a great weekend everyone


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