Nazifah Turns 19 today !!!

When the time is right, I will publish a post. BUT, today is not the correct time to publish a post because I have a lot of assignments, presentation slides with next coming lab reports to be submitted. But, who cares? Today is my special day. So, why not I publish a special post on... Continue Reading →


To The Heartbreakers .

Salam, Hello and Good Evening readers !!!! After a long time not publishing a post, here I dedicated this post to the heart-breakers. I was on my way back to Kuala Terengganu, my hometown. I stepped onto a bus and sat in the second row, resting my head on the cool glass window. Feeling bored... Continue Reading →

Banana Smoothie…

Feeling bored, I took my phone and started  typing this post. I often used  laptop rather than phone. But, that's okay. My mouth is busy chewing a slice of banana, rambutans, and mangosteen. I would recommend having smoothies in the morning. They are nutrient dense, creamy and easy to make .What you need to do... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of Everything

Looking my counting day widget on my screen phone makes me realized that I have 27 days left before leaving my home in Kuala Terengganu moving to the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, IIUM@UIAM Kuantan. Trials come to everyone sinners and pious people alike. I believed I could, so I did. I know I’ll be... Continue Reading →

You’re The Chosen One !!!

Do you have any special friends whom you're very close to ? Yup, Sure, everyone has his or her own unique friend. Friend certainly means a lot to me. Without them and my parents, my life would be in solitary and filled with boredom. I think that everyone has a friend during each phase of... Continue Reading →


Do you have green fingers? Yes, I have. I'm not so sure exactly how many plants I have. Truly, I don't have any specific favourite plants. I love and like all of them. For me , each has its own specialty and its unique characteristics, whether to be used in cooking or just adorning the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful LIFE.

Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it become a memory. so enjoy every moment . But sometimes you will miss the memories not the person. 🙂 .......because every picture tells a story........ Life is Beautiful, Appreciate it !!!, See you next Post. !!! : )   -- NazifahSaimi -

Vacation Trip

So I would like to share my vacation trip . First,I'm not a traveler. As a Muslim, deep in my heart, I want to go to the city that never sleeps,Makkah first before traveling to another country. But again,poor me,only my Mak and Ayoh were given a chance to perform pilgrimage. I spend my time... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Future Self

Good evening Assalamualaikum Reader, Viewer, Visitor How happy are you right now ? Have you checked my earliest post ? Alright, today, is about A Letter for Future Self… What’s that ??? I eagerly desire to recognize what kind of person I’ll be,what my future will look like, where I’ll be living, what my financial... Continue Reading →

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